Rendering an urban scene

Hello Rhino community,

I am currently trying to render an urban scene and came a cross some problems, mainly about making the scene look realistic. So here are two pictures. The close up looks ok, but as soon as I zoom out one can see the many patches the ground material consists of. Is there any method, how to render a big surface without creating these patches? I used the standart material ‘Gravel_A01_80cm’. I am very glad for any answers.

Texture tiling is a common problem in archviz, and there is no single approach for all situations, but here the simplest way is to use blend material.

Add two gravel materials to a blend material and use a noise map for blending them. You can use the same gravel material for both layers but with different texture rotation angles.

Note that for best result you need to add two different UV mapping layers for gravel material and for noise map, which should be larger than gravel tiling ( “texture placement” tab in the noise map options in v-ray asset editor)

You can add several layers to achieve the smoothest result.

Also professional visualizers use photoshop post production to hide tiling by adding overlaying images to surfaces.

You probably need to find/make a “large scale” texture for the further-away image, or use texture layering to build up some different gradients. There are Photoshop tutorials about how to make textures “seamless,” but obviously they were in the first place, and if you suceeded all you’d wind up with is a uniform dull grey that looks totally fake.

Hey thank you alot for your answers, I’ll definitly try your methods. Hope you guys have a great weekend.