Gravel and imperfection

Hi, I’m Luigi and I’m from Italy. I have a question. How can i make the imperfection on concrete material but in specify zone. For example in a concrete palace the concrete is very dirty only near the edge of the road and near the rooftop.
Also for the terrain how can i reproduce the gravel and the greenery always near the edge of the streets?

You create greyscale texture maps to ‘mix’ between different materials, or even just to control particular settings in one material.

Hi Luigi,

For this particular sutuation you shall use the Dirt texture as a map to separate the imperfections zones, then another texture for tge actual imperfections. As already stated you have to create a mix texture map where you plug the dirt tex mask

If you are using Vray for Rhino, you can create 2 regular materials, and then the third material “Blend” type of material and choose those first materials and a blend texture that will define how one material is covered or exposed to the other. You can use dirt, curvature or others.

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thanks you for the answer but i don’t understand very well. Are there video tutorial?

Well somewhere, this is not specific to any particular renderer, this is rendering 101 stuff.

You just need a material for say your ‘clean’ area and one for the ‘dirty’ area, then you need to mix them together inside another material for doing this blending, making texture maps to place where you want one or the other or a mix. So that requires a whole other layer and scale of texture mapping from the base materials. Really just try it out on a simple plane.

Thanks, I did it!!