Help with rendering Large Ocean using Vray

As i m new in the rendering world, i would like to ask if you can help me to create a “realistic” large ocean using vray.

The way that i am doing it so far is to use blender ocean module, then export the .obj, import it in rhino and apply the lights and materials in v-ray.
However this is really demanding in terms of computer resources and my personal computer cannot handle. Therefore i m looking for a more efficient way so that i dont have to reach for a supercomputer every time that i need to render something.

For your convenience, i m attaching the rhino file and the hdri file for the lighting.

Any advice is highly appreciated!

Thank you all in advance

large-ocean.3dm (131.8 KB) (5.1 MB)

Basically, if you don’t want to brute-force simulate the ocean, you Photoshop your rendered objects into one.

Hi Jim and thank you for you fast response.
However i m aware for the photoshop workaround, but i m looking something different.

To explain further, if i apply the ocean material on a small rectanglular patch of 1m x 1m the ocean looks pretty much ok.

I don’t know how to scale this up so it will look the same on a planar surface of 10000m x 10000m

Obviously i could scale down my model while keeping ocean the same. But this is not desirable as my object and the surroundings from hdri image will look out of proportion

You could work with an overlay of two maps - one for the fine details and one for the large area. I would try to use a procedural texture like noise for the large scale.