Assets for VRay Rendering

I’ve been trying to find the best place/workflow to gather 3D assets for my urban scenes in Rhino and VRay. My go to is Flying Architecture but I’m seeing if anyone else has other recommendations?

I recently discovered Lands Design but the vegetation doesn’t render all that well. Translucent and when farther away they plants go almost completely white. See below for two test renders.

I’ve also tried to use .obj files from XFrog but run into troubles when trying to create VRay proxy elements as the trees only have textures and no materials.

The best to me is along with turbosquid. There are tons out there. Some specialize in cars, others in people, others in furniture. Nice looking vegetation! :grinning:

Hi brandon!

As I told you privately if you want models ready to render inside rhino+vray you must rely on
maybe there is something ready for rhino+v-ray at

Otherwise if you have time and will, you can download library assets in fbx ( or obj) with maps, and then create your materials with v-ray.

The best tree assets on the market are ones, you can download them in fbx + maps… try some of their sample models…

if instead you prefer to save time and effort, you can always outsource your renderings to me, I guarantee you images of the highest quality :smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks guys!

Andrea - I had never heard of… those are gorgeous!