Rendered viewport is black

Hi, all objects and ground turn black when I switch to Rendered display mode on my machine with a Quadro 4000.
Shaded etc works fine, and I can make a new rendered mode without shadows and “advanced GPU lighing” turned off, but I can not turn it off for the default Rendered mode, nor can I turn off shadows, they autorestore to default.
Do you know what causes this?

Shot in the dark (no pun intended) are there sub-d objects involved?
I’ve seen black sub-d’s recently


Hi Willem, no sub-d objects. All objects are black, meshes, surfaces, extrusions and meshes, even the ground object.

@jeff, have you seen this? Any ideas?

The options returning to defaults problem has been fixed… But the black viewports problem seems like an old problem to me… Which WIP are your using Jorgen?

Note: The next WIP (I believe today) will have the options problem fix in it.


Jeff, are you expecting us to report display issues in current WIPs or are things still undergoing major surgery?

It’s undergoing lots of changes…so please report anything you see… that’s the only way I’ll know the changes aren’t working… Certainly things like black viewports need to be reported ASAP… but minor glitches or things like performance or personal expectations :slight_smile: can probably be put on hold for now :wink:

I’ll restrain myself a while longer then :smiley:
… but would nevertheless (:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) like to mention clipping planes not making caps when the clipping plane is on a layer that is off.

Hi Jeff, I used the “most resent” WIP an it happened to the one before it as well. I think the blackness appeared together with the much improved “skylight-shadows” (in lack of a better word). I’ll check the latest WIP today.

They didn’t release a new one this Tuesday either. Latest is still 2015-11-24.

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Hi Wim, all good?
Just checked manually and laterst seems to be 12-07:

Alt bra, ja. Bare hektisk før jul…

I’ll have to remember to wait to check until midnight WA time :blush:

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So Jorgen, you installed the 12-7 release and are still seeing the problems? Both the default setting problem and black Rendered viewports should be gone in that version. ???

So any time you go into Rendered mode (with Skylight ON), you get black objects? Quadro 4000? Latest drivers? But please confirm that yesterday’s build either works or still shows the problem.


Hi Jeff, I ran a small test now and the latest build let’s the quadro work IF I turn of shadows and advanced GPU lighting. If either of those are on then all surfaces or meshes are rendered black.

…BUT if open the old Holomark2 file then it only draws objects if those two are ON, and only render the environment if they are off… that is odd to me.

I’m not sure this is the same issue or something else, but what color is the Ambient color in the display modes you are seeing this in, and what happens if you change the ambient color? Over here, it seems backfaces are always displaying in the ambient color.


The scenes are working fine on other machines, and the display mode shall be default. I do predict that something is wrong with how the wip is gettings it’s settings though, so I’ll try to look into that a bit more. The Quadro works flawlessly in other apps, so I can eliminate the hardware. The drivers should also be up to date and ok.

And for comparison the previous WIP (haven’t tried the latest yet) works fine on my old laptop with a GeForce 330M (renamed 230M) which I don’t think can do anything the Quadro 4000 can’t do)

Oh, and by the way, that is one good lookin’ default display mode!
@jeff can you see if you can fix the transparency / reflection issue with the glasses?
(To dupliacate the scene just copy - paste the car into an empty scene in wip)

Just did a deep-clean-uninstall with regedit and appdata deletion, restarted computer and reinstalled latest WIP, still black geometry, BUT I opened an old Rhino 5 file and it shades OK, so I clicked File-new and discovered that the WIP has no templates. Can that be the reason?

I did then try to make a new file and made a new blank environment with a gray color, but still gray renders.

I have also seen, maybe related, maybe not, that if I on the other machines open an old V5 file then I can not get the smooth new default render as shown above, if I want that then I have to make a new file and copy the geometry in.