Ati Card - Rendered Mode Glitch


I noticed some weird visualization problems when running the latest WIP (6.0.16131.20501, 10/05/2016).The issue is easy to reproduce:

  1. Add an object to the document (Sphere)
  2. Move the camera below the grid and the object turns black
  3. Add another object (Box)
  4. Select an object and move the camera again under the grid and you will see the object not selected completely black.

I attach a video with the issue and this is my Graphic Card information (I have the latest drivers):


@stevebaer, @jeff,

on my system it is even worser using wip version 6.0.16131.20501, 10.05.2016, i got no shading in Rendered display mode, viewed from above or below the CPlane. If i navigate, the objects flicker but stay constant.

In Shaded display mode, normal objects look ok, but if i draw a mesh sphere, it is displayed in constant black, after a 5 second freeze of the applcation. Fun thing, mesh boxes look ok :wink:


Hi Clement,

Yes, sorry about this… This is a pretty serious issue that we’re moving on quickly at the moment… I only ask that you be a little more patient for a little longer. The issue you’re currently seeing here is that certain shaders aren’t compiling on your card…but the problem we’re having is we can’t figure out why. There is nothing notably wrong with them, and in fact, in certain conditions, they will compile on your card (without any changes) … so we’re scrambling to figure out what’s really going on here. The frustration is somewhat compounded by the fact that the same shaders compile and run just fine on NVidia, Intel, and VMWare drivers…(scratches head).

Thanks for your patience on this… We hope to get this figured out as soon as we can.

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Thanks @jeff, not sure if it helps to track down the error but the mesh sphere displayed above in constant black appears identical in wireframe viewport.