Removing triangulation

I made a model in Archicad, but when I import it into Rhino even simple rectangular meshes are triangulated. Is there an easy way to remove those lines?


Thanks! I will try it!

It worked for rectangular shape. But there are some planes that are a bit more complex. Do I have to simplify them to rectangles


hi Liene,

do you care about the actual triangulation in meshes, or just not to see the triangulated wireframes?

In case it is just the display, you can try this:

  1. Run Weld command on all your meshes, with 35 deg. tolerance
  2. change your display mode settings (or any display modes you are using) to show only mesh edges, and not full wireframe. In that case you need to go to Options > View >Display Modes, and in display mode change your settings to look like this:

The default Rhino way to display meshes that includes all of the wires is a bit confusing.



Thanks! I actually want to get rid of them completely because I have to give a .dxf file to the acoustic. When I send the file exported directly from Archicad, it has so many triangulated surfaces, that the program acoustic uses can’t deal with it. That’s why I am trying to find a way how to minimase triangulated surfaces in another program.

you can try with this plugin :