Clean (remove) surface's curves

Hello everyone,

I’m looking to remove these meshes, lines, created by default by rhino when making a surface. I tried to rebuild a surface, but my knowledge is too restrained yet so I can make it done.

Here is a quick picture to let you understand.

I’m looking to remove these to export clean and simple geometry from wireframe view.

Go to tools, options, General, and uncheck the item Show surface isocurves.

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Ahh, well, so easy. Didn’t find it on Internet.

Thanks to you Osvalijr


Hi David,

These are isocurves, they are merely presentations of the isocurves on a surface; they are useful to indicate the surface is there and how it ‘flows’.
To turn them of on an object go to object properties and uncheck the diplay of isocurves: