DWG Import - Switch off WireFrame to Simple Lines?

I created a CAD drawing in TurboCad and have exported the file as a DWG to work on it in Rhino.

Once imported, I try to select edges and am only seeing a wireframe with no ability to isolate single edges on different elements (for adding bevels, chamfers, etc) Is this a view setting thing?

I guess I’m used to the ability to view elements as simple outlines with TurboCad. Is there a way to do that in Rhino.



I don’t know anything about TurboCAD so I’m not familiar with that tool or feature.
Based on your description, I can’t tell what sort of geometry you have in Rhino.
Can you please attach the file so we can see what you’re working with?

So when I try to select edges on my design, all I see is the yellow wireframe. Within TurboCad, I had the ability to isolate the edges of these cutouts and add a bevel on any of the inner four edges of these multiple cutouts.

What am I missing here?

For clarification, I had the ability with TurboCad to have the drawing only show the edge elements without showing any wireframe. Does Rhino have that ability? I could post a shot of what I see in TurboCad if that will help?

It looks like you have the “shaded” display mode on. Go to Rhinoceros > preferences > display modes > Shaded > Visibility and switch the isocurves off.


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Thanks! That helps with the display when nothing is selected.

What about when I select an object and I just want to isolate and fillet one single edge?

If no command is running, then Rhino will select the surface/polysurface (top level object) and all of it’s edges will highlight.
If you start FilletEdge or ChamferEdge first, then the command knows to filter the selecting to individual joined edges. These would be called “sub-objects” in Rhino terminology.

Thanks! I think I must be running into some selection issues due to the Magic Mouse on the Mac. To select an edge - after initiating a fillet command - would I need to right click on it?

So, If I create an new box within this file, I’m able to pull off the command just fine and fillet any edge I want.

As for the imported file, it seems as though I don’t have access to the edges. Could this be an import issue?

From looking at the image, I would say that you have imported a mesh object - not NURBS. If that is the case, the fillet commands won’t work - which might explain why you are having problems selecting.

So do I need to convert it to NURBS or something? I exported it from TurboCAD as a DWG.

I don’t know TurboCAD and so I don’t know what it works with internally…
Depending on the version of DWG, you could have NURBS in the file. A more common format for NURBS interchange is the STEP format.

Short of getting a NURBS version out of TurboCAD and into Rhino, converting something like this will mean a degree of re-modelling. There are many planar faces in that image and those are straight-forward. You can use the MeshToNURB command for this, followed by MergeAllFaces. The rounds will need starting over.

I’ll export from TURBOCAD (without crashing that is - buggiest program EVER!) and see what happens. So, look for a NURBS or STEP export function? Any other universal formats that I can look out for?

NURBS is not a format - from Wikipedia:

Non-uniform rational basis spline (NURBS) is a mathematical model commonly used in computer graphics for generating and representing curves and surfaces.

STEP and IGES are commonly used universal formats. IGES requires you to join individual surfaces back together upon import and might be troublesome.

Yeah, I see a STEP Export in TurboCAD. Is that the best format to export to stick with NURBS

Use Step, I’d say. Both STEP and IGES will support NURBS surface representations.


Great. I’ll give it a shot and drop back in to let everyone know how it goes.

I’m able to export as STEP and IGES. TurboCAD kicks out a file, but not before pulling up an error box that says “Model Size is smaller than the valid box.” I couldn’t find a bunch of info on line about that error.

Anyway, the Step file opens in Rhino and the mesh mess of the previous DWG file is gone, but I’m still unable to break elements apart to perform any functions like Fillet Edges…

Screen Shot Attached…

Do I need to explode something?

Can you post that file?

Do you think this could be as simple as a selection issue with my Mac Magic Mouse? Are 3 Buttons needed for simple selection or sub-selection?