Clean up Meshes

I want to create a clean Make2D of a building .fbx file I have received but the meshes are too messy.

Here is a picture of the shaded/wireframe view of the buildings:

And here is an example of the Make2D created

Is there a way to clean up the triangulation or remove the inner edges?

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I don’t use that command very much, but looks to me like the main issue is the mesh format of the source geometry.

So, I’d recommend avoiding the inner mesh lines by focusing on the ‘outline’ ‘silhouette’ ‘tangent’ aspect of the output options.


seems like the hidden lines should work too. idk, I’m not seeing anything that would output those mesh triangles. So, not sure how you did that to be honest.

After you run the ‘make2d’ command, try running a ‘sellast’ command and a ‘zoom selected’ to see what the make2d created. I think your third image probably isn’t the output…

Hello- try MergeAllCoplanarFaces and/or AddNGonstoMesh - that should get at least some of these.


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