Removing Extra Line Interpolations From Non-Planar Points List

Hello! Thanks for viewing my question.

There’s probably a simple solution to this that I may have missed but I’ve been trying to create a definition that influences points through graph mapper that creates a new grid of points and to re-surface that grid.
I have tried multiple ways to surface that and hoped that the method I have in the definition below would work.

Two questions:

  1. How can I remove the extra interpolating lines that are occurring in the images below?

  2. Is there a better or easier way to re-surface the existing grid of points? If someone could give me an answer to this question, that would be super!

Thanks again for your time.

Pictures and Files:

Graph Mapper Surface Manipulation.3dm (57.2 KB)
Graph Mapper Surface (11.6 KB)

Hi ,

  1. Remove the CrossRef
  2. See attached

Graph Mapper Surface (14.1 KB)

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You can also directly divide the surface (SDivide) to get the points to move, rather than contouring the initial surface and dividing the curves.

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Hi Regee.
Thank you so much for your quick reply.

The definition looks great! Yeah, I realized that divide surface could also work for this partially, but as this is only part of the original definition, it won’t work as the inputs are actual contours that we need to extract from the site.

Thanks again for the definition and have a great day!