Graph mapper - manipulating surface or grid of points

I would like to achieve an effect similar to the one on the pictures below. I have tried a variety of approaches with graph mapper but I run into problems, for example I would like the grid of points to be rectangular and not square. I am attaching a file I have been working on.

Perhaps an approach described here by Parametric House : could work? I need the lamellae to be in Y direction though and I cannot figure out how to edit the file to change the direction of the lamellae.

Thank you!

Test2 - half (18.0 KB)


It seems to me your question is worded in a very complicated way, I’m not sure I understood it, but here are the answers to the problems I understood -

You are using the same values for your X and Y grid, meaning that your width and height of each cell is always the same. See “Addition I” in the Script to be able to stretch the grid in the desired location.

You are using the DivideDomain2 to split your surface by 20 in the V direction, you can divide it in the U direction instead to change between X and Y? See “Addition II”

Addition III is my recommendation on getting more sensible solids out of your surfaces, but you know your project better.

I think more than ParametricHouse, Nick Senske’s irregular panelling is what you need: (19.0 KB)

Hope that helps,


Hi Sash,
Thanks a lot for your help. Your method has definitely help solve one of my issues. I am stuck with one more thing, namely with the changing width of the model. To illustate my question, I am attaching a jpg.

(I am sorry for the lack of clarify before)