Deleting diagonal line from surface



I try to get a surface between these grid points. The diagonal lines have to be removed. Does anyone know how to remove these? if that does not work i want to do it without mesh. (43.6 KB)


Looks like a mesh instead of a NURBS surface. Way, WAY too complex :bangbang: (20.6 KB)

P.S. I don’t know why your code is so complex? It appears you are exporting data to XML at the end? But the initial geometry can be this simple: (11.0 KB)

Thanks for helping me out. I’m a beginner with Grasshopper that’s why i can’t find all the components and try to do it in other ways. The complexity is done because i have to be able to change the coordinates by a mathematical formula, so that the coordinates change parametric with the formula.
And you’re right i’m making an XML-file at the end.

ps. with the ‘surface split’ component i get the points where the surfaces intersect. Is there an easy way to separate the center points from the edge points in separate lists? (42.3 KB)

Probably yes but I don’t know know what you are trying to do.

sorry for the confusion.
I’m creating a point supported floor that can be transported with an XML file to SCIA Engineer (construction calculation software).
The points have to be supported by supports, so i try to get the coordinates from the intersection points of the horizontal lines and vertical lines. To these coordinates i will connect the supports.

But the intersection points on the 4 edges of the surface need to have different supports than the coordinates in the middle part. That’s why i need the intersection points on the edges (blue) as a separate list and the intersection points in the middle (green) as as separate list.
Screenshot_2 (19.4 KB)

Use the Value List (blue group) to choose which list of points is labeled.

P.S. You can rearrange components to put Sort Points before Dispatch, like this: (19.6 KB)