Distorting only a part of a point grid topography

Hi all,

I am creating a wild topography on an existing surface. I want the topography’s edges to align perfectly with the existing surface.
So I need to smoothen a large part of the edges to make them match.

Any suggestions?test-file-exaMPLE.gh (12.6 KB)

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You can use quite the same logic as here.

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test-file-exaMPLE_re.gh (15.0 KB)
For each point you could multiply the Z value by a function of the distance to the boundary rectangle.
I used a graph mapper for a smooth transition; the important part is that a 0-distance must return 0 (the bottom left of the graph mapper bust be 0.0 )

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Absolutely great! Thank you!
I was trying the same thing but I never thought about using curve closest point and multiplying it with the other movement data! GREAT!!!

Now I have to try it on the real file tomorrow - which is double curved…

Also very interesting!

Hi Riccardo,

unfortunately, I am having trouble with implementing the solution on another model, where the topography is created, also, with a graph mapper. Can you help me out here?
I bet you see the problem immediately… :slight_smile:Test-smoothed-edge2.gh (14.0 KB)

unbelievable… minutes after posting I realise that I never grafted the P input of the Crv CP…:roll_eyes: