Removing and reinstalling a V5 (Windows) license key

I have a client who requested the procedure for transferring a Rhino V5 license from one Windows computer to another. I have the wiki page that explains how to do this for V6 and later, but not for V5 - and I can’t remember anymore what the procedure/restrictions are.

Since what I have installed here is an NFR lab, Options>Licenses doesn’t show me the same thing as a single commercial license key installed locally.

I’ve been through the new computer process a few times with a standalone R5 licence and, as far as I can recall, I’ve never uninstalled a licence - I’ve just used the licence key to install on the new system.

I have an upgrade licence so I need the previous version key as well. Fortunately, in those days Rhino came in boxes, with printed keys, so that’s never a problem!

I do uninstall R5 from the old computer once I’m happy with the new setup or, if the computer is dead I spike the drive, so there is no chance disposal will breach the EULA.


Mitch -
As far as I remember, the only thing that you can run into with installing Rhino 5 on a different machine, is that there have been too many validations. That requires contacting sales to clear those.