New PC & Old Licencse

I’m buying a new PC. I want to install Rhino from my old PC to a new one. How should I proceed? I own Rhinoceros 5 Commercial One user license. And I would like to upgrade to version 7. Thanks for the answers.

You can just uninstall Rhino V5 from your old PC. Then download and install the Rhino V7 upgrade on the new PC and apply the V7 upgrade license in one of two ways:

  1. Locally on the new PC. This will limit the use of the V7 license to this one machine.
  2. Create a Rhino account and install your V7 license in the “Cloud Zoo”. In this case you would be able to share the V7 license between multiple machines if you wish. Rhino - Licensing

In both of the above cases you will need your old V5 license key and e-mail to validate the V7 upgrade license.

Is necessary? … Inside Rhino go to Options> Licenses, there you should see the option to remove the license from the machine. You can then upload it to another machine or to your Rhino account.

Hmm, I have that in Rhino 6 but not in Rhino 5. But I have a NFR lab license, not an individual one, maybe what you see is different. I assumed you were going to retire the old PC anyway.

You cannot put a Rhino V5 license in a Rhino account, only V6 and later.


  1. I uninstall Rhino V5 on an old PC
  2. I will install V5 on a new PC (I will still need the old license code here)
  3. Download and install the V7 upgade

Is this the right process?