Selling computer and need to deactivate license

Hi all,

I’m selling a CNC machine and accompanying computer. I’d like to leave Rhino 5 installed, so all the settings remain in place, but I need to deactivate the license. I dont see anything in Help/About/License. Is there some other tool for this?



V5 licensing doesn’t work like that.

Since you’re selling the V5 license with the computer, please call McNeel Sales in Seattle to get the details on transferring a commercial Rhino license.

8-12 & 1-5 Seattle time

Hi John,

I’m not actually selling the license - I’d like to revert it to a demo install and let the new owner apply their own license. I only want the demo there as a “zombie” to maintain CNC settings

I don’t think what you’re describing is possible with V5.
It is possible with V6 using an expired license key.
It’s one of the reasons we changed how the evaluation license mechanism works in V6.

You could try just deleting the hidden LIC file, then start V5 and select eval, but I think it will probably fail.
Delete the old license file from your workstation. The LIC file is:
C:\ProgramData\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0\License Manager\Licenses\60515f84-8f7f-41da-801d-1c87e32f88f5.lic
Note: By default, Microsoft has hidden your ProgramData folder. You can either use Folder Options to allow display of hidden files and folders, or you can type %ProgramData% in the address bar in Windows Explorer to navigate to it.

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