I have Changed Computer but Can't Seem to Put the Licence on the New one

Hi, I have changed Mac book recently and I would like to transfer my current license to the new Mac ;

I have seen that It was first mandatory to remove it form the previous computer but don’r understand the instructions found online as in my Rhino window there are no options to do so.

I have also the issue that my Rhino key begins with RH60 and the Rhino 7 version I have downloaded only lets me put in keys beginning by RH7.

Any advices ?

Thank you


You should be able to find your license key (if you installed it locally) by going to Preferences>Licenses. There will be an option to remove the license. However if you created a Rhino account and your license is there (i.e. online), then there is nothing you need to do when changing machines, just install Rhino and tell it to use the license in your account.

The licence key for Rhino V6 is not valid for V7. You will need to buy an upgrade if you want to run Rhino V7. Otherwise you can download Rhino V6 for Mac here: Rhino - Download - Rhino 6 for Mac