Rhino standalone license recovery from a non-working machine


I have a problem with my Rhino license. I have had a standalone (1 user seat) license for awhile now, and didn’t think much of it as I was regularly working on my personal machine.

However, I recently had to get a new computer and, naturally, the new Rhino installation is asking for my license key. When I input it, I get the message The license key is in use on a computer named —. Remove the license from — before using it here.

Unfortunately, the — computer is no longer among the living and I have no way of accessing the old installation. Is there another way to remove a standalone license for use on a new machine?

Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

This can not be solved here in the forum or by you personally.

Please contact McNeel Sales in your Region for help with this.
It looks like you are in Europe so Barcelona is your regional sales office.

If you put your V6 license in a login account then the license can not be locked to a single computer and avoids this problem.
That said, an account license requires that you have occasional Internet access.

Thanks for the reply, I have contacted McNeel Sales regarding my problem.

My V6 license was, unfortunately, not added to my account prior and is locked to my old pc which burned down. I would hate to lose a good license like this, as I wouldn’t be able to afford a new one, and I thought there would be an alternative solution I’m not finding that I could use to get it out.

You won’t lose your license, but you may have to wait until Monday to have someone at McNeel Europe have a look and fix it.