Relocate Gumball in sub-object selection

I’m trying to reposition the gumball in sub-object selection by holding control, then alt to enable snaps, but it doesn’t seem to want to reposition the gumball.

Current Rhino 8 WIP of today, updated just now:

Dragging the gumball plane to relocate the gumball with Osnaps disabled and holding Alt extrudes the object.

With sub-object selection, relocation works IF Osnaps are enabled and no Alt is pressed and hold.

This seems to be relatedd to the topic from yesterday.

Gumball repositioning and snapping behavior - Serengeti (Rhino WIP) - McNeel Forum

@TheCyclist I changed the topic title since the command is called _GumballRelocate

PS: Works fine in Rhino 7

I’m trying to relocate and snap the gumball on a surface (not subobject selected) by holding control and alt, but it’s not relocating the gumball…it’s behaving like subobject selection.

Do you click either the arrow or plane symbol?

Can you create a screen capture?

I’m using the arrow.

I think the issue is that when you click on a surface, it detects it as a sub-object selection and not on object selection if that makes sense.

How do you select the surface?

by just clicking on it normally

I’m trying to screen record but my nvidia overlay isn’t wanting to for some reason

trying creating a rectangular surface and relocating the gumball using alt to toggle snaps on while relocating it.

So your Osnaps are disabled.

I think this is broken right now.

I only manage to relocate the gumball if my Osnaps are on.

You can relocate the gumball and enable snaps by holding alt with polysurfaces and extrusions, but it doesn’t work with curves or surfaces.

yep- seeing that here, broken, it’s on the pile to get fixed asap.

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