Gumball noob question

I am not a big gumballer so this might be a silly question, but with subd I find my self using gumball more often. One thing that hangs me up is if I move the gumball location to do an operation, for instance setting the basepoint for a scale, as soon as I finish that scale the gumball resets itself to the center of the thing I am trying to modify. Is there anyway to make it keep it’s location until I change the selection set?


I think it was asked in several post before and still no luck. even in normal rhino objects the gumball resets its position all the time.

I tried to replicate this bug in Rhino 6 and 7, but it happened only when I turned GumballAutoReset on or I extruded SubD surface. Maybe you have GumballAutoReset turned on?

Hi Sam - moving the gumball ought to stick for individual objects but will not for multiple selections (including groups) or sub-objects. Does that correspond with what you see?