Feature request: Save Relocated Gumball with Named Selection

Every time I want to use a named selection of SubD faces to tweak a SubD, if I want the gumball be somewhere other than aligned to plane, world or object, I have to manually relocate the gumball.

If I undo a change made with a relocated gumball, I have to go back and relocate the gumball again.

Am I unaware of a function that can make a relocated gumball reappear in the position I placed it in? For objects and subobjects? Or is this something Rhino doesn’t do? It would be very useful.


how specifically do you see this working? want to make sure i’m writing up the right things.


Thinking this through: if I click on a named selection and relocate the gumball, the next time I click on the named selection, the gumball should still be where I relocated it.

I realize as I’m typing this that there’s an issue here about flexibility, though. What should happen if, after relocating the gumball, I set it to “align to world”, or another one of the fixed settings? How would I be able to get the gumball back to the position I’d previously relocated it to?

One thought is: add one line to the gumball menu, below “align to cplane” “align to world” “align to object” and “align to view” that places the gumball where it was most recently relocated to. What to name that menu item? I don’t know. I can’t come up with a short enough name off the top of my head. And of course, this is a broader feature suggestion than just for named selections. I’d love to see it, and see it work for subselections, but I realize that’s a big ask.

For named selections, which already have sublayer-like folders for subobjects and objects, adding another sublayer with an on/off toggle for a relocated gumball might work from a UX perspective.

@Trav thoughts on this? Technically possible to store gumball info in named selections? Seems useful-

My most recent use case, BTW, was a big subD object (a wall lamp) with a lot of volcano-like forms.

I used named selection on the rims of the “volcanoes” to make it easy to tweak the form to where I wanted it. It’s already faster than ever before in terms of workflow, but having the gumball location be saveable would’ve made it even better.

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Hello - remembering gumball for multiple selections is (for example groups) is not possible at the moment (pretty common request) as far as just the gumball goes - it might be that named selections could store some information about the gumball current gumball plane, I don’t know.


@theoutside there’s currently a YT open for this request. It seems doable-ish. But it’s important to know that Rhino doesn’t store any object transform history which is why this doesn’t just work already. https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-51735

As @pascal points out. You’d only get it to work for 1 selection at a time. You wouldn’t be able to multi select several selections.


Hi @Trav

The youtrack isn’t visible to us laymen, but I just wanted to add my vote to making this availble for both selection sets (eg. sub-selections on Sub-D’s) and groups (eg. clusters of components). I really miss this feature quite often - both versions, really :slight_smile: