Relocating Gumball

When I use the BunnyTail to relocate gumball on an object, is the gumball supposed to stay where I’ve relocated it or revert to the default position when the object is deselected?

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Hi BoxJoint - for single objects, the gumball position should survive deselect/select, but for multiple selections and for selections that are not ‘real objects’, like a control point, this is not remembered.


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Thanks Pascal,
That’s what I would have hoped but it doesn’t seem to work that way for me.

Even very simple objects like a line or square immediately revert to the default location when I deselect them.

Hi BoxJoint- So, RelocateGumball - that works, you can make some gumball edits and the gumball stays put relative to the object, then you deselect and then select that same object and the gumball has been reset - is all that correct? I do not see that here so far, but I may have a newer build.


That’s correct.

Even in a brand new file with only one object created.

I’m still using 5A732.

Could be my system.

Pascal, I’m now on Rhino 7.

Unless and until it is possible to make a relocated Gumball (or equivalent, below) stick in a relocated position, for grouped objects or multiple selections, can I suggest that this is spelt out in the ‘Help’ please?

I’m sure that would save time for those who would value semi-permanent relocations.

Maybe the answer is to have a secondary gumball that could be invoked on an ad hoc basis (?).

Such a gumball could be sophisticated by, for example, (a) locking out one or two axes of rotation, restricting rotation to just one or two axes and/or (b) limiting rotation to a particular defined arc degrees …

GumballAutoReset command may solve this problem.

Right now you have to block groups of objects in order to have the relocated GB remember it’s location between edits. This request is filed though as and I also have filed a similar request for named selection GB memory here I added your post to each, thanks.

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Thank you Brian.

Please keep up the good work with the video tutorials!


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