Regarding rendering with Iso curve

Is it possible to show object’s iso curve(nurbs) in technical view mode.
Please let me know if anyone knows how to do. :slight_smile:


Currently this is not possible, the display mode uses the rendermeshes for rendering and not the underlying surfaces.
@jeff is maybe able to tell if it is possible in a future version of Technical Display mode


Hi, Willem

It’s shame… :(:cry: but thank you for your quick answer!

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One thing you could do is use _ExtractWireframe on the object and then group the curves with the object. In that case you need to turn off “Hidden lines” in order for the back facing isocurves not to be shown, but this trick might be helpful in some cases…


That’s genius!!! amazing!!!
That’s exactly what I want! Danke shon Helvetosaur!

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