Reflection of groundplane? Monochrome

Bottom half seems to have no color. Same even if surface changed to matte.

That looks like the groundplane reflection to me.

Seems a bit weird…

Actually, this is not the groundplane reflection. What you see is the environment reflection through the groundplane. The sampling of the reflection through the shadows-only groundplane seems to be off.

This whole custom reflection and skylight environments is giving me gray hair :S If you set the 360° environment to the studio environment as well you’ll see the expected reflection color. Switching then back to solid color or gradient (while Raytraced is running) has the environment stick.

Logged as RH-42781. Thanks.

I guess putting planar surface and should be ok?

You mean instead of shadows-only groundplane? In that case just assign a material to the groundplane. It is the shadows-only part that puts a wrench in the color calculation.

Ok thanks for the tip. :slight_smile:

@Toshiaki_Takano, this bug is fixed in the code branch for the first Service Release.

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Great! Thank you.