White Ground Plane does not reflect the model in the rendering

I’m unsuccessfully trying to render my model with a White Ground Plane. I set the reflection to 100% and in the render view it is perfect. But if I start the render command I always have a gray plane with shadows.

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Just to check, where is your lighting? Is it above the ground plane?

I use ground planes less than McNeel might suspect, if they were inclined to do so.

Hi Brenda,
I have a reflector above the ground plane.


In the plastic material settings scroll down until you see what in English is called Clarity. That is by default at 85%. Rendered mode doesn’t show that ‘roughness’ so well, too sharp reflection. Bump it up to 95% or even 100% for better effect.

If you olok closely in your left render you’ll see that there is a reflection - the low clarity just doesn’t make it very obvious.

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Following your instructions, the reflection is now displayed correctly. The behavior with shadows is not what I would expect (probably I’m wrong with the lights)


update. I understood the problem, the reflector must be entirely above the ground floor.