Reflected Ceiling Plan capability

Very important for the architectural, interior design and set design community. This has been on the wish list for a while now. Here is a thread with details of workarounds that people have been using to get around this:

Wondering if we can add this to Rhino 7?

Thank you.

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Hi - I’ve updated RH-37076 with your request for that feature…

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Does anyone other than architects use these reflected ceiling plans?

Personally, I’d be hesitant to add a feature to a general use industrial design surfacing tool that was only useful to architects.
With the extensive Rhino SDK, this seems like a perfect feature for an architectural plug-in package.

Does VisualArq have this?

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I would say shipyards.

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Set designers.

Interior designers.

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I thought industrial designers would design lamps and I imagine they would have to place them in a house, right?:wink:

I’m not an architect or an interior designer, more of a strange mix of industrial designer/mechanical engineer/millwork designer/weird guy, but there’s definitely been occasions where a reflected ceiling plan tool would have been VERY helpful, for showing install locations of sculptural ceiling elements and such. (As well as lighting locations, etc, as mentioned above).

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No, as far as know VisualArq doesn’t support RC plans, and also bear in mind VisualArq doesn’t support Mac, so even if they implement this feature in the future, many of us will not be able to use it.

Literally every industry that deals with building drawings uses RCPs.

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Correct; VisualARQ doesn’t do RCP yet… you’d need to ask them how close they are to getting it working

I would defintly use it! I work in film and the lack of this feature frustrates me hugely