Reflected Ceiling Plan capability

Just a thought - currently Rhino allows for non-uniform scaling the views in Parallel-projection display modes, if it was possible to type a negative scale (-1) it could act as reflected plan, so a custom display mode would basically take care of that request. I was wondering if this is easy to implement, UI is already there…


Hey Jeremy,

It’s more about reading a floor plan and a RCP side by side so you can easily relate what’s above the walls. Imagine if you had a floor plan and bottom view both printed side by side and you were constantly having to try to explain to someone where the ceiling lights are actually positioned in the floor plan… Hope that helps!

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Thanks @devingrayart, that does help.

So, in drafting terms, an RCP allows you to draw that which you see on the ceiling with solid lines and that which is hidden above it (pipework, ducting etc) as dashed lines, whereas if you take a normal horizontal section through the ceiling void the reverse is true. I can see the logic of the former.

I add my voice to those calling for this feature - I want to use it! (and @John_Brock: I’m not an architect :wink:)



+1 from me too.

+1 for a reflected ceiling plan view!!

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+1 for a reflected ceiling plan view
I work for a shipyard.

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I’ll donate $ 300 for the people at Mcneel to have a reflected ceiling plan view option!!! This would save so much time for thousands of set designers, architects, interior designers : )

And another $300 if you can make Rhino handle a model that’s over 150 mb in layout without lagging so much!! (Threadripper pro 3955x 256mb ram rtx 3090)

Rhino would be perfect in my workflow if these were to happen. ( …and also if Rhino could fillet and chamfer like it’s easily done Fusion 360…)

I’d like me some loot boxes in Rhino. RCP would equal to a legendary item. UI - purple. Bug fix would be a blue item. :smirk:

Please see Rhino 8 Feature: Reflected Ceiling Plan


Thank you. Great to see this progressing.

Hi Tomas -

Does that mean that you have tried it and it’s doing what you need?

If you haven’t tried it, please do. We need feedback to know if we’re on the right track with this one. For example, it won’t give you a view as in the link that was posted above:

But based on some of the descriptions that were given throughout several posts here, those are wrong anyway?

Testing now. I’ll reply in @stevebaer’s topic.