Rhino 8 Feature: Reflected Ceiling Plan

The latest Rhino 8 WIP provides for creating reflected parallel projection viewports. This is done by changing the projection for a viewport or detail to “Parallel Reflected” in the properties panel.

The lower left viewport in the following image is a Top view with TestReflectedViewport applied.

This should work in both regular Rhino viewports as well as detail views.

Please give it a try and let us know if this is what you want. Thanks!



Does it mean detail views can utilize it?

Yes; I updated the initial post to attempt to be clearer.

I hope there’s a way to maybe organize them in the side panel while having options to tweak their parameters. For instance, say I want to change the cutting elevation of the reflected plan from 1.2 meters from the base reference level, to 1.5m. Also having options to tweak view extents should be made. I’m basically requesting Revit like features :slight_smile: Their RCP system is really good. If this is done well i’d skip revit for all of my 2d drafting needs.

Hi -

It would be good if you could provide feedback on the feature as it is implemented. We’ve had years of users requesting the feature without ever getting a good specification to actually build that feature on - and often getting conflicting wishes. For instance, there is no “cutting elevation” at all in the feature as it is available in the WIP now. There are no parameters to tweak. If you require cutting, you just have to create a clipping plane where you need it.

If you could provide a 3dm file with a model and the expected RCP result, we’d at least have something concrete to base development on.

I tested the command. I made a simple “room” with boxes on the ground and spheres on the ceiling.

I hid the ceiling and the spheres to make a make2d in a basic Top view. Then I unhid everything and hid the floor and boxes to make a make2d in an inverted Top view using this new command. The results are here:

All works well: the geometry is displayed correctly, the “door” in the “room” remains in the same position, so you can read the two plans side-by-side. I tested the same processes using a clipping plane instead of hiding geometry - all work well.

I do encounter some gremlins not allowing me to select objects in this inverted view. Also, the blue boxes and red spheres are visible through the floor and walls in a shaded view, when they should be hidden.

But generally, the concept works. Thank you.

Hi Tomas -

Thanks for trying this and for letting us know that this generally works as required!

I’m also seeing some gremlins but not what you are reporting. Are you working with layouts or is this all in model space? Also, please run the Rhino SystemInfo command and copy-paste the result here.

All in model space. SystemInfo and the 3dm files attached.
SystemInfo.txt (4.7 KB)
RCP test.3dm (120.2 KB)

Thanks, Tomas!

I’ve created the following for these issues:
RH-67047 - Display: Select objects in parallel reflected viewports
RH-67048 - Display: Parallel Reflected projection makes objects transparent

Thanks for your feedback on this!
If all goes well, tomorrow’s public WIP will have a Parallel Reflected projection option in the properties of a view and the test command is no longer needed:



Thank you for the hard work, Wim. I hope the community will enjoy it.