Ref: 7e7df32d-6187-40c3-9dd4-b74cfa36b5ea

This definition failed to load in Shapediver, and said to post the reference number on the forum for help.
Ref: 7e7df32d-6187-40c3-9dd4-b74cfa36b5ea
Not sure what I’m doing wrong here - no 3rd party plugins (except shapediver), checked for nulls in displays, etc.


Hi @jokamm,

Here is my internal checklist, which I’ve put together to check models against before uploading. Maybe this helps. It’s basically a collection of information collected from forum posts and

  • Computation Time - 10s (for Entry level Pro)
  • Size of Definition - 20mb (for Entry level Pro)
  • Output size to the viewer - 20mb (for Entry level Pro)
  • No Nulls or invalid items in Display Geometry Components
  • No Null items in internalized Components
  • Vertex Count sent to viewer per file part: 65536
  • 64 file parts per output component
  • 256 file parts per definition
  • 1024 transformations per output component
  • 1024 data parts per definition
  • 256 data parts per output
  • 400kb per data output component
  • Max. 4mb per texture

Here is the error message when the file is opened on the servers:

If you were using Elefront components, the servers would let you know more precisely what the problem is. In your case, I suspect that there are some pieces of data or attributes created with Elefront that remain in the definition. I am not familiar with the plugin so take this with a grain of salt. Does it make sense on your end?

Thanks Mathieu,

I removed all of the Elefront components, but I still had some Elefront data types preserved in internalized data on Data Parameter components (even though they were now using volatile data instead). Good thing to be aware of.

Now dealing with the other problems of the model (data output size, et al).



Thanks @Simon_Vorhammer

This is a great list. I ended up needing to join some meshes to fall under the data limits.

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