I get the following error " Maximum allowed size of outputs..."

Hello Guys,
I get this error in the viewer:

I have no idea what it means

This is the ticket for the file: c30cebc6e5a025ad4d25d9e048af496614f4db550ada35350907e78c799d0dc826170451ee849e63b93aaa474ec4ce093bd5ff14896a064b793ef5e01c9af45294010752e2db58ece61bed313fa2bbeb9d55cbe13268d89f3a18363c7a5c286f57a240a5b01c3b6ead9c98e7b44569e2cb7f1709607ee2741380b6b988f62f8b080cead2a6a9d6-aea69d2e58d8bd7f0f262f0fb35881ca

It seems that number of file parts per Display component has been exceeded so you need to manage the objects and divide them into tree branches to avoid this error. This documentation article explains the details of output limits and there is also an example Grasshopper definition for testing.

thank you PAvol

Hello Pavol,
I am still getting this error even though I already merged and flatten the trees, can you check the files please? I have about 12 meshes coming out so I don’t know why do I still get the error

Here is the ticket:


Can you share a minimal definition of the model and the ShapeDiver link please?

Hello All,
For those of you who run into this thread, first I had the number of output meshes wrong in one output I had exactly 64 and that is the limit. I fixed that.
The one of my meshes had too many polygons, I also fixed that.

I am still having problem though because a Texture doesn’t load all the time and it has no dependencies to any geometry so it makes no sense

We have covered the geometry limitations of ShapeDiver and how to optimize in this video tutorial: https://youtu.be/K45_Z_gB6YU