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Dear @shapediver,
I’m getting a generic error message again on a model, which has uploaded fine before. The exact same model. Please can you take a look what could be wrong?
I’ve gone through the list of possible errors, which I had posted here extensively:

Is there anything else that I need to check, which is not on the list?
Thanks for your help!

Hi @Simon_Vorhammer, it seems that for some reason the frontend shows a generic error message, while there is actually a proper feedback message stored on our backend. Please open the following link and let me know which message you are being shown (you will have to be logged in). Please take a screenshot and paste it here.

@Simon_Vorhammer many thanks for your patience.

We found and fixed the reason for the problem you were experiencing. Short explanation: When uploading a new model to one of our backend systems it undergoes a checking process. Depending on the load of our system the time required for the checking process may vary. This caused a management process, which is part of the backend system, to believe that the checking process for the model had failed, while it was still ongoing and actually eventually succeeded. Hence you were shown the Computation of your model failed message.

Please give it a try once again and let me know whether it works for you now.

@snabela, it’s working. I’m glad you could find and fix this issue so quickly. Thanks a lot!