Help with error message when uploading

Please advise on the below message.

Oops! The server encountered an issue with your model:

Computation of your model failed. Please ask for help on the forum, including the reference shown below in your message.

(Ref: 902ef2fd-0218-4c20-816a-883a18a86d08)

It might be that your definition is too complex and hits the computation time limit. Or any of the meshes in the model is too large and can’t be processed.

Could you try narrowing down the problem and post a minimal version of the definition reproducing the error?

The definition does not contain large meshs and most of the definition is set to not compute until triggered to do so within the definitinion parameters.

The problem has occured after i had problems with not being able to upload with an issue with Opennest.
I suspect it may still be down to opennest, how do i check the version number of opennest?
I deleted the later version from the components folder and reuploaded the 1.2 version.

Could you save a copy of the definition, delete all OpenNest components and upload again? I wonder if this is really related to the plugin.

I believe the attached file contains the part of the script causing issues.
I can load if I delete this part.
It had worked previously

test (32.1 KB)

Text Curves component can produce overly complex curves with some fonts and cause excessively long processing times depending on the text length. Simplify the results with Simplify Curve and/or convert them to polylines with Curve To Polyline. You can also try this alternative workflow instead:

Check supported fonts below.

Is there a recommended single stroke font?

Yes, there is MecSoft_Font-1.

Okay, that’s the one I used.
I will try your recommendations when back in the office.