Reduce a mesh size

Hello Shapediver,
I’m trying to upload my grasshopper definition, but it’s showing error like “total size of geometry exceeds limit”
Could you help me out, please?

I have attached the grasshopper definition downloadable link down below,

Thank you,
Kenil Savaliya.

Yes, you guessed it right, some of the meshes in your definition need to be reduced. The good news is that your model isn’t too complex and it shouldn’t be difficult to fit within the limit.

Learn everything you need to know about meshing in this article or from tutorials below and find the source files and links in the video descriptions on YouTube.

Hi Pavol,

In general, is there a limit to the file size that can displayed on ShapeDiver viewport. We have a list of static lattice structures (too computationally complex to compute live) and when we attempt to display them, the files are degraded. We have spent a lot of time reducing the mesh ahead of time, and cannot reduce them any further.


The limit is 65,536 vertices per file part so split any larger meshes into smaller chunks. Also, Rhino command ReduceMesh does a really good job in reducing size while keeping the shape acceptable so optimise the meshes before you internalise or import them to Grasshopper.

You might consider using the SDDisplayExternalGeometry for static meshes to speed up your model, more here.

This tutorial shows you clever ways how to manage data structure in order to keep your models within the limits.