**URGENT** Uploading a heavy definition on ShapeDiver

I’m trying to upload a model on a Pro Account (size limit should be 20 mb) but I keep getting an error saying that my definition exceeds the limit. It is tough only 14,3 mb heavy.

What can be the cause of this?

Thank you

I was having the same problem uploading a 15 Mb mp4 video.
In windows files contain attachments. You can try to zip it and unzip it. Later try to upload it.
Or the extension is not supported. In that case upload the zip file version.
As a workaround placing it in google drive, make a public link and post the link.

@ap.vacanti Can you post a screenshot of the error you are getting? Not sure what causes the problem so far.

Here it is!

The problem is not linked to the size of the Grasshopper file, it is about the Output size of your model. In other words, the size of the geometry (most likely meshes if you are reaching 20mb) which is created in Grasshopper and needs to make it to the online viewer. More info about those two different limitations here.

You should be able to reduce meshes without hurting the visualization too much. If you are exporting geometry, you can still export the full size geometry but use simpler outputs for visualization. You can send me your file in private if you want me to have a look.

We have covered some optimization tricks and tips to avoid hitting the maximum output size in this new video tutorial: https://youtu.be/K45_Z_gB6YU