Squid Texture Not Working in Shapediver

Squidtexture is appearing on objects in Rhino, but not Shapediver.
The texture does seem to work if it’s baked into a bitmap, but not if it’s updated on the fly.

Desired result:


Steps to reproduce:
The following script showcases this issue.
shapediver squid text test.gh (348.0 KB)

The example is based on this script, which seems to work okay. I can’t tell why the example script works, but mine does not…
shapediver-squid-demo.gh (348.3 KB)

The reason for the texture not showing up is the “Swis721 BT” font which is not installed on ShapeDiver servers. After changing it to a supported font, the script works as expected.

You can check available fonts here:

Also, I noticed in that the static internalised meshes could be optimised and reduced in size (number of vertices) which would improve performance of your model. See following Forum post and tutorial for more tips:

Hey Pavol,

Thanks for the help, that solved the problem on my end as well.

Good the suggestion about meshing - this was from squid example, but good to note in general!