Shapediver upload issue

Hello guys, I am new to shapediver and I am trying to upload a test file in the online viewer unfortunately I am not sure if I followed the instruction correctly, my part has been internalised, I downloaded the shapediver plugin for grasshopper. I am ruining on rhino 5

here is what I added to the end of my script.

this is the error I get.
Thank you in advance for your help!!!

This model contains a mesh with over 800,000 vertices, which cannot be displayed in our viewer at the moment. The maximum mesh size is 65535 vertices. In that case, our servers try to process the mesh by reducing and/or splitting it in smaller parts but that seems to not always succeed, especially when meshes are so big.
Your best option is to reduce the mesh before output. This is anyways good practice because downloading such huge meshes in the web browser is not ideal for the user experience once the model is online.