Recommended way to currently export PDFs on macOS?


Is using the little print icon at the top of the Layouts panel okay to get a PDF out of Rhino 8 WIP on macOS?

Screenshot 2023-02-03 at 11.14.58

The scaling of line weights, hatches, etc. does not seem to work yet (cf. below), but the PDFs export fine at least. This opens the default macOS print dialogue, which is currently not advised in Rhino 7.

Exporting PDFs the Rhino way, with File > Export… currently yields the same result in Vector Mode:

Note that the preview of the vector output in the Export PDF dialogue is currently broken!

Raster Mode is broken as well. The layouts are not positioned right in the exported PDFs.

in the better late than never category… I’m just seeing this today…

still seeing this issue in the latest v8 beta?

I’ve quickly checked with a newer file that was created in Rhino 7 with numerous, set up layouts, and it seems to work fine now.

A minor thing that could be optimized is that when the dialogue opens, it seems that it presets A0 as paper size, although the layout in question already has its size predefined as A4. It would be cool, if the layout size and orientation would be automatically set, instead of having to check that specific box, when the dialogue opens.