RH7 mac layout and export inconsistencies with layouts with different view settings?

Hi I am trying to build a workflow that uses layouts for making sets of multiple sheets at different sizes, with different custom display modes.
I am getting a repeatable problem with a failure of WYSIWYG between layout view > exportall… PDF layout preview > actual PDF.
I am looking to get the semi shaded view to export as it appears in the Layout View and in the Export Preview, but as PDF the shading is gone.

Happens whether vector or raster export.
Flat shading is unchecked in layout view and inside detail.
See images below:

layout view

export preview

exported PDF :confused:

Hi Jesse -

Could you post a 3dm file and your display mode that causes this behavior on your system?

Yes, can i get a secure link upload link?

Updated to latest service patch from 3/8/2021 and now layouts plot completely empty.

Hi Jesse -

Does that mean that the issue is only reproducible with a very specific model?
The upload page can be found here: Rhino - Upload to Support - please use the link to this thread in the Comments field.

A 7.4 hotfix went out 9 hours ago - please try to update to that version.