Export pdf on mac = troubless

Hi there,
I thought this has been addressed before, anyway.

Trying to use Rhino export to PDF, but I am not able to match the window and the scale. I also get an awkward result in terms of resolution/line thickness etc. Screenshot 1 shows the drawing to be exported with a red rectangle (A3 50x larger), 2nd screenshot shows the export to PDF settings (preview is already wrong) and PDF is just wrong result. Both V6 and V7 are affected by this.

190079_2D_v6.pdf (112.2 KB) !

can you post the rhino file?

Hi, yes. Here it is if it helps.

pdf_export.3dm (1.1 MB)

I’m not having any problems with PDF printing your file here on my 15" MBP running Catalina 10.15.6

Hi @John_Brock
Are you using Rhino export for this? I am also running the latest catalina…

I am a V5 for mac user, so my findings may or may not be relevant to your V6/V7 version.
I create pdf’s using the print interface, then save as pdf. I don’t usually use the “window” setting, but experimented a bit with it today. It turns out that when you use a non standard window setting, the scaling reverts automatically to “scale to fit”, but the percentage figure shown remains as it was beforehand, in stead of changing to the actual print scale resulting from the window setting and the paper size to which it is fitted!
Try exporting using “extents”, and if you do not want the entire drawing exported, set the “visibility” property to “selected objects only” (although I cannot see where that is done in the V6 export interface you have shown in the above picture) and select the part you want to export.

Hmm, this does not solve my problem really. I need to use window setting. Also the text and dimensions are lost when exporting to pdf…

Try to use “Portrait” instead of “Landscape” …

have you tried using a layout sheet and saving a pdf ?

Hi guys,
thanks for all your advice. Anyway, the reason for using this method is implementing the Rhino true PDF export into a script. Apparently one can use the mac printing dialogue (as is it a normal workaround or way of printing PDFs), but this is as far as I know not implementable. So the thing is that Rhino PDF export doesn’t work on mac unlike windows, where it works as expected.