PDF exported from Rhino layout is very heavy


I’m currently working on an architectural project on Rhino for Mac, for which I’m using the layouts to prepare my presentation and then export all my pages as PDF.

The exported PDF is made of 3 pages, and weighs 30 MB. I think that’s a lot for curves and hatches.

Do you know what is making this so heavy? Some hatches are imported patterns from AutoCAD, I’m thinking maybe this could be the problem. I would like to know the reasons this is getting so heavy.

Here is a screenshot to evaluate the complexity of the drawing :

Thank you!

Hi Antione - my guess is it is the hatches - those are very dense - a lot of curves need to be generated in the print.Try leaving half of them out of the print to see what the difference is.


Hi Pascal,
Yes it’s better! The 3 pages are now 14 MB.
When I switch to the “Plus” Rhino pattern, it goes down to 11 MB.

Is there any other way to improve the PDF weight, while keeping quite dense hatches?
Thank you,

Hi Antoine - you can try decreasing the dpi setting in the Print controls - that may or may not help but may be worth a try.


Yes, thank you!

Hi Antoine -
Apart from what was said, since you didn’t provide a PDF I can’t tell if you are printing to vector or to raster. Are you using the Print command on macOS or do you use ExportAll?

Hello Wim,
I export everything as vector. What is lighter? Vector or raster?
I was using the Print command, I didn’t know about the ExportAll command.
The functions are like the windows print dialog box, that’s nice!
Thank you,

Hi Antoine -
Vector should result in a smaller file in most cases.
The Print command uses the macOS PDF printer and we have no control over how that works.
The ExportAll workflow uses the Rhino PDF printer and is the preferred way to make a PDF file on the Mac.