Recently installed Rhino BETA, "This Build of Rhino WIP is Expired"

I have recently downloaded both Rhino WIP and Rhino Inside Revit, and when I attempt to open Rhino WIP by itself, it gives me the error “This Build of Rhino WIP is expired, Please download and install the latest build.” When I click “Download,” It then says “Rhino requires a license to run. Rhino will now exit” before opening the download page. This has rendered Rhino WIP unusable, although I can use the regular Rhino 6.

I have attempted to re-download the installer (double checking that the email used for my Rhino 6 license is the same as the one provided), and reinstall the whole thing, but still have had no luck. What could help solve this problem?


Now that Rhino 7 is released (no more WIP), just download the Rhino 7 eval and you will be good for 90-days.

Hi Bob, All,

It looks like the Beta link is still allowing people to down load that build, when you follow this link: Rhino 7 BETA 1 Now Available!

But this in on my phone so I can’t confirm.

Maybe a redirect to the trial download page makes sense here?


I edited the page to go to the main download page.

Cool Nathan, the Rhino for Linux version is missing in that link. Or you haven’t made that one public yet?


It’ll be published if it ever gets written, obviously.

Linux on subscription only would be hilarious :rofl:

Thank you for letting me know! I have gone ahead and downloaded Rhino 7 Evaluation. If I understand correctly, there is no beta or WIP version of Rhino I can use with Rhino inside Revit, just Rhino 7?

Indeed just Rhino 7, we’ve graduated past the WIP and BETA stages of Rhino 7 (: