Rhino WIP licences expiry

I have just downloaded the Rhino 7 WIP. But will expire in 45 days. So we will need to download again and re-install if we wish to save our files

It’s a Work-In-Progress.
Each build is designed to time out and quit after 45 days or so.
Every 7 days or so we will send out a new build with that week’s changes.
That’s how we get the new progress out to you to work with.

The Rhino WIP expires, not the license. It uses your V6 license.

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Noted and thanks

Now that Rhino 7 has been released (thank you for everyones’ work!!!), when will the existing WIP software stop working/be no longer available?

I want to advise my office about purchasing the new licenses.

Already answered:

@hitenter, yes, but at some point, the WIP will no longer be available for download.

Is it known when the 45 days term license will no longer be available?

I believe the date of the final beta expiring is Dec 24.

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True. But, keep in mind that you will be able to use the eval for 90-days after that.

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The WIP expired at some point this afternoon. Finished 3 models today, but now I cannot save the fourth one. I have several hours of work hanging in the balance.

Purchased v7, but can’t enter my V7 key. The change key dialog is fixed with RH60 prefix instead of the new RH70 key:

Please tell me I didn’t lose 4 hrs of work during the Christmas rush.

Sorry, the WIP can not auto-update to the released build.
A released build of Rhino 7 must be downloaded from the Download page and installed.
Then start V7 and Login. You added your license to your account earlier this afternoon.
I’m very sorry you were too busy to see this needed to be done before the WIP expired, and have lost work as a result.

This is completely unacceptable. You can’t silently expire a product mid-session with no recourse. You have to force the user to save and close or provide a path to unlock.

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Why don’t you install version 7 if you have purchased a license?
It has been released in december.
What part of “WIP” don’t you understand?
I get that this is an inconvinient situation for you, but in what way is this anybody else’s responsibility than yours?

From a more constructive point of view: you should be able to at least copy/paste from the WIP to version 6 files (and to version 7 and version 8 WIP for that matter. All versions that you are qualified to install and run with your licenses).
So if you still got that file open, you should be able to save most, if not all of your work into a new file that your able to save without limitations.

P.S.: Sorry, I didn’t see the gap of 26 days between the posts, so you probably won’t have that file open I guess…

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Blame the user for something indefensible. It locked with no notification and with no recourse. Save, autosave, export, copy/paste, etc. stopped working midday, with no warning and no way to unlock.

It’s also completely unacceptable to use a WIP for production work, but that’s on McNeel, too. We reported a crippling bug on V6’s release that became a V7 feature. 95% of the jewelry industry is still on V5, to the point that I have a ‘save as V5’ macro for transferring files.


Lastly, we didn’t know V7 was released. We knew it was coming, but there was no announcement on a jewelry channel, the WIP didn’t say anything, and the three jewelers that are active here are inactive until January. December is 60% of our year.

Hi @EricM,

I used the WIP a lot. Every release came with a countdown timer telling me how long I had until it expired…

Something to take advantage of if you choose to use the 8 WIP.

I would agree in general that when a WIP or an Eval expires, everything should be disabled - temporarily - and the user told to save or lose their work, requiring an OK to be pressed to do that. It should then allow one save only. Once the work is either saved or discarded, an expired WIP can close while offering up a link to download a new version (if available); an expired Eval can throw up a message that saving is now prohibited but it can continue to be used for practice/viewer without the possibility of saving.

That being said, our experience is you can send people as many “expiration in X days/hours” or “expiration imminent” messages as you want, some people will still ignore them.

When you need to finish four stupid-hard models today so there’s enough time to print, cast, finish, set, polish, etc. by the 24th, “1 day left” is tomorrow’s problem. Discovering you had to redo a model at 8 PM on a Friday night was soul-crushing.

Sadly, the majority of our issues did not make it into V7. So I will be on the V8 WIP once they fix something I’m in desperate need of. I’ve got 20 youtrack’s I’m following (plus a dozen I can’t get logged).


Unless I leave this industry, which is a real possibility at this point. I fear we may be stuck in V5. I get that they needed to upgrade the API. Obviously, they think SubD is important. But I don’t understand why @bobmcneel isn’t going after upgrade licenses from a 30k-ish user base that has nowhere else to go.

Again, you were using pre-release WIP software, that made its temporary nature clear to anybody who’d like to know.
I get that there are lots of reasons to use a Rhino WIP for production work, I use it that way myself sometimes.
But it is in the very nature of this type of software, that the risk to do so is onto yourself.

You seem like a reasonable person, your complaint is totally unreasonable imho.

Your complaints about bugs of the released versions on the other hand are of course totally legitimate and I guess in general appreciated by McNeel to help improve the quality of the product.

Yep, except it becomes today’s problem tomorrow. And when you know what’s at stake, procrastination can lead to painful results.

I call it prioritization, putting work over fiddling with software, but it’s fine. It’s my fault. I should have just stayed in V5. I mean that genuinely. The reason most people stayed on V5 is that they’re far more productive.

And I guess it’s my fault asking for RH-10116 to handle corner cases. It broke all the flow cmds for stone layouts in V6. Ironically, because no one reported it in the V6 WIP, making RigidGroups optional was pushed to V7.

And the real kicker is, this is RigidGroups=Yes in V7 SR2:

sure, you can say that he should not have used the WIP for production to begin with. as far as I understand, he was basically forced to do so because the WIP had some important bugs fixed whereas RH6 did not and the other alternative would have been ancient RH5? but still I don’t quite get why @EricM can’t just install the RH7-EVAL over the RH7-WIP or just buy it. please excuse me if I may have not quite understood the situation entirely.

I did not encouter any difficulties installing RH7 over RH7-WIP.

@EricM certainly has one valid point. I remember at one point I was basically forced to use RH7-WIP over RH6 for production because I encountered a bug that I pointed out but I was told it would not get fixed because you are focused on RH7 now and the WIP had it fixed. by dropping support for your current RH version you create the situation where users have no other choice than using the WIP.