Rebar Functions GH inside Revit

@scottd , @eirannejad Is there any functions currently or in Near future for Bars placing on Rhino inside Revit?
Any examples or referneces if the functions available. Best Regards

Hi Mainisl2,

This has been requested a few times and was submitted by Ehsan as a feature.

There are a few scripts from users in the search below.

Rhino.Inside.Tekla is looking really strong in this department.

A native GH plugin option.

Hi Japhy

Thanks for info. I am aware of Tekla GH tool but was thinking of similar Rhino inside Revit.
Rebars are part of structures if there is structural components definitely should be bars also.
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Modeling rebar in Revit at this moment makes sense only if it is about really small projects.

I am saying that from experience because Revit has proven itself completely unable to manage mm precise model with a larger amount of data.

Imagine when in one middle size concrete building there are hundreds of thousands of rebar elements with 5-10 mm bending radiuses

The same could be said if we need to model larger steel models. Unfortunately, Autodesk with Revit has completely ignored other disciplines except for architecture, and the only reason because MEP and structural engineers still struggle with Revit is because is so much forced by big architecture offices and there is a lack of other solutions

Another way around Tekla has proven to be much more useful for structural field and I would it from my point of we make much more seans to develop and to extend already exiting Tekla Grasshopper components for example in relation to Tekla Rebar Sets or Tekla Drawing environment

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Hi Friend

Thanks for Brief explanation and i seen these kind of issues with Revit where you cant rely on full 3d model but there is definitely lines works on sheets so finish product and i do prefer Tekla with its unique configurations. Revit is just shown and marketed that many are looking for even it fall short of many precise detailing and developers don’t give much attentions. But Tekla team always work around for new useful tricks. and can manage heavy weight models smoothly.

Best Regards

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