Reinforcing Bars in Revit Generic Model with Grasshopper Scripts

Hello Everyone,

I would like to add the reinforcing bars to the Revit generic model with grasshopper scripts. I loaded the Revit data with Graphical Element into the rhino and I found RC Sketcher when I browse for adding the reinforcing bars. But I don`t know how can I connect Graphical Element and RC Sketcher.

Could you all explain how can I connect? If there is a better way to add reinforcing bars, could you all kindly share it to me.

Have a good day, everyone!

Hi Ei Zin,

If i understand correctly you will want to get the Element Geometry from the Revit Element and use the RC Sketcher from there (it creates Rhino objects, not Revit Rebar)

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Thanks a lot for your kindness, Mr Japhy.

Of course, I would like to create rebars in Revit. If so, is there any ways that I can create rebars automatically?

Thanks again for your reply.