Realign object to world

What is the easiest way to reorient an object to the default Otho planes? If an object has been rotated and then rotated a second time in a different plane how can it be ‘reset’ - made perpendicular or parallel to any of the default planes?

Orient3pt will get you rotation and location

Another option is to set a CPlane > Object or Cplane > Surface and then RemapCPlane to Top.


Thanks - 3 its will do it.

Pascal - When I try to use the remapping tool I get an error.

What am I missing here?

Hello - the command requires a starting (your custom, in this case) and a target CPlane - the default bahavior expects two views with those Cplanes to be available but you can specify by name as well using the CPlane or View option.
Help is incomplete here, I’ll see if we can get that fixed.
RH-65749 Help: RemapCPlane topic is sparse


Yeah, I looked at the remapping option as it seems quicker but even if I create a cplane from the object surface and go into multi views, all the other planes are othagonal to the created c plain. I’ve tried selecting the world cplane in the named planes but that’s not working either.