Orient object to cplane

Im looking for a solution, i do alot of times, i have to fabricate wooden constructions
and then i have to unfold and rotate every object to de z axis. to prep it for the cnc
but this is very time consuming i can do this by orient3pt but this takes alot of time.
is their a was to do this quicker or is there a plugin i can use.

Kind regards

Hello - UnrollSrfof the original polysurface will help. Explode=Yes.


i do the same here a lot. i made a macro to do this, i set the cplane by object, setting by surface gives you more control if you want, check that the z direction is correct and run RemapCplane, select the top cplane.

basically check the RemapCplane command and macro it to your liking.

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Hey thx but i have been trying wit remapcplane but have alot of difficuties here. its strange that this kind of basic thing takes so mutch effort in most programes you can align a surface of the object to a plan.
but here it takes so many steps, just for one object.