Reset CPlane

Didn’t find a command. As I’m continously working with aligning CPlanes to objects I’ve wondered what’s the right command. There is only the "Previous Plane’ command which I’ve bound to an alias/mouse gesture (StrokeIt) so I would like to substitute this with ‘Reset Cplane’ when used several CPlanes before. Thank You!

You might want to look into naming (saving) and restoring custom CPlanes. Check the Help for Named CPlanes.

— Mitch

Hey Mitch @Helvetosaur will do so, but wouldn’t this be a default command. There are so many icons in the CPlane panel but will only use one CPlane command – clicking and orienting to object and using Universal Planes to work in 4 viewports. So my common command to solve this lack would be using “4 default viewports” which also resets the CPlane as wished. So there might be an involved line for specifically resetting the CPlane. Would be awesome to have a macro or script for this.Thank you!


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Not sure I understand - if you are using Universal CPlanes, and you reset the CPlane to World Top in the Perspective viewport, the others should also reset automatically, no?

@helvetosaur there is no command to reset all cplanes or I can’t find it.
if I would fire “4 default viewports” it will also reset all cplanes but would additionally switch perspective view to quad view.
This is annoying as I work in perspective view all the time I don’t wan’t to click the icon every time and then I have to go into perspective view again to work further.

Is there an option to extract a line of the command in “4 default viewports” or is there a script to just click and reset all cplanes. Thank you!


No, there is none. But as you mentioned using Universal CPlanes, in principle all the others should automatically update according to the CPlane you set in the Perspective viewport. So if you set the Perspective viewport to World Top CPlane (which is default), the other 3 viewports should go back to their defaults as well… Or what?


Hey Mitch, created a little video to explain myself. Thank you for your help!


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You could make an alias for

_Cplane _World _Top

and map that to a button.



This made my day. Will use it everytime. Thank you so much @SamPage

Oh… I kinda assumed that was already a known thing…

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My bad! - I keep it intuitive :slight_smile:

Doesn’t work again. Is there anything I missed? Seems CPlane is rotated by 90 degrees when firing “_CPlane _World _Top”. Thank you!


I guess this will depend on which view is active when you run the macro - if you run it while Top view is active, it should work correctly. IIRC you said you use “Universal” CPlanes, that means that when you adjust the CPlane in one viewport, the other views will all adapt relative to the one you just set (hate this personally, but each to his own). So whatever viewport is active when you run CPlane World Top will end up with the Top CPlane, and all the CPlanes in the other viewports will be reset relative to that…

If you’re moving cplanes in the default 4 views, this macro resets cplane in all of them then returns the viewport to perspective maximized. Had to write this after an incident with the cnc

!_SetActiveViewport Top _CPlane _World Top _pause _SetActiveViewport front _CPlane _World Front _pause _SetActiveViewport Perspective _CPlane _World Top _pause _SetActiveViewport Right _CPlane _World Right _pause _SetMaximizedViewport Perspective

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Using _4View twice will also reset all CPlanes to default.

I find running _4view twice disrupts workflow as it resets all views as well, which may or may not be an issue for op.

Same here! Thank you @stn for getting your hands on this! Hannes

MPlane command attaches mobile construction plane to any object. When you move the object, the construction plane follows the object. You may have dozens of mobile construction planes in the same Rhino model.

Do I have to name an extra view “Top” for this?

Maybe I do not understand the problem, but here’s the CPlane reset: