Remap objects to current CPlane


Is it possible to remap selected objects to the current CPlane?

RemapCPlane? if you did not know that command, it might be a good idea to follow your intuition :smiley: since your wording was spot on.

or are you looking for something else?

RemapCPlane can not remap objects to the current CPlane as far as i know.

Hei Håvard -

Yes it can, but you need to first select the object in a viewport with a different CPlane. The viewport that is active when you run the command will set the original CPlane.

I only work from within the (maximized) perspective view.

Hei -

I like working form within a single maximized perspective view, but, for this command specifically, that’s making things hard on yourself. You’ll need to save your custom CPlane as a named CPlane, run 4View twice, maximize the perspective viewport again, run RemapCPlane, pick the CPlane option and type the name of the named CPlane. Then restore the named CPlane to get where you were.

I know, that’s the reason I wanted to check if there was a “remap to current CPlane” solution available (script etc.). I have tried the following;

_-NamedCPlane _Save temp _Enter _RemapCPlane _pause _CPlane temp

In that one, you are remapping from “temp” to “temp”. You first need to get out of “temp” to be able to remap to “temp”.

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Yes you are correct. Thank you. Got it to work.