Real world size of rhino wood material?

I see Oak Polished material in Rhino Library
If I use Meter template it will be Size 0.1 by 0.1

If I use Milimeter template it will be Size 100 by 100

I just want to confirm that is it 100mm in real world? it mean this texture took by 100mmx100mm real world wood?


It means nothing of the sort, it’s just scaling the texture up 100 times…and that’s relative to whatever the texture mapping settings on the object produce.

In a model with unit setting mm add a box with dimensions 2x2x2. Now add a PBR material and assign a square texture to the base color. Make sure the texture is set to WCS/OCS (Box).

With the texture size set to 1.0x1.0 you’ll see that the texture will be repeated twice along each edge.


The size with WCS/OCS means the amount of units it takes to go from 0.0 to 1.0 in the unit space.

Now change the texture mapping size to 10.0x10.0. You’ll now see on the 2x2x2 box that you see 1/5th of the texture. You can double-check by assigning the material to a 10x10x10 box.


Note that on the 10x10x10 box I set an OCS frame (you can do that through properties > texture mapping > apply OCS frame panels), because without it the texture would be using WCS (world-coordinate space) mapping, not OCS (object-coordinate space). Here is with the OCS frame removed on the bigger box - the smaller has corner on 0,0,0

If on the other hand you have a texture that is supposed to be in real-world size, say 300mmx10mm, then you should use UV mapping. Add a box mapping and make sure the box has the same sizes of what you need, at least 300mmx10mm along with the thickness you need for the board. That ensures the texture will be at the right size. The texture size mapping will have to be set to 1x1 to fit correctly within the UV space defined by the box mapping.

Of course planar mapping with that size 300mmx10mm will work as well, you just don’t get the ‘3d’ part of the mapping. For that you’ll probably will want an end grain texture and put that on a different material that takes a different mapping channel.